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Silliman Remixes, 2

Organize, see?
bird lets you prison view
anorexic spare point

in fact,
prison happens.

To garden with black face.

The it who will read –
empire women to
Joyous event shelves
skin tone

Language is entitled
to price.
I was realism immediately

an appendix as
don’t… don’t not
a place to Florida
in villainous orbit


From a coded remix of Silliman’s blog, 3rd November 2009.

I have this ontological problem:
be young
a Pedro thug
one which shouts in no
way twice. what cut earlier wonders attempt. but One short
Robert Ronnow Lubbock
perhaps by color
neighbor & protégé
or won’t be
Los Angeles
where is the world I know?

by inference at least
it ran to 90 minutes
even instruction
is entirely hateful as was consequence
terrain in analogy
problem birds red

that of the poem.
turn in Not toward