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Birdsong Compliance is a series of poems using John Cage and Joan Retallack’s interviews in MUSICAGE as a source material and conceptual basis. It is an experiment in positional contexts, in which poetic texts are produced using both fixed and random animation combined with user interaction through scrolling, creating a parallax effect.

Ideas on Oedipal Bitstreams is an exercise in kinetic field work, taking various languages of reportage as source materials, and offering several variations for each word on the screen. At the opening of each scene, there is a fixed arrangement of words, each with one of their textual variants randomly chosen. The words resist the cursor, arbitrarily choosing their next location, occasionally cycling through their variations and occasionally foregrounding themselves through enlargement. The reader must then carve through the text, using the resistance as an emerging reading strategy. The combination of the two randomised elements (spatial placement and word choices) creates a generative work whose readings are differently constructed and paced each time. The minimalist isolation of each word block, through spatial and temporal progression, form holistic readings when combined which are never stable – a condition foregrounded aesthetically in the physical surfaces of each scene.

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