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For a few months, I was working on a thesis title generator built in Python. The generator used vocabulary from real thesis titles to produce legitimate-sounding new titles. I have now ported this over to JavaScript, and have incorporated a new “pedestrian” parameter — the option to include everyday vocabulary NOT isolated to thesis title sources — as an option. The pedestrian vocabulary is very sparse right now, but both this and the standard vocabulary will be augmented as part of the ongoing project.

If you are having difficulty choosing the direction of your thesis, I hope this will help.

Give it a go here

3 thoughts on “Thesis Title Generator

  1. Chris Cogan

    Can’t get the title generator to work. Running Windows 8 on a 64-bit Asus laptop. Tried both Chrome and Internet Explorer. Clicking “Click Me Again” button causes what seems to be a garbled image to appear under the main “Itch Away” heading, but no recognizable text.

    Thought you’d like to know, just in case no one else has mentioned this before.
    –Chris Cogan

  2. Profile photo of John SparrowJohn Sparrow Post author

    Hi Chris

    Thanks for letting me know about this. I think you are trying to click on the header image, which I (unwisely) set as a screenshot of the generator. Sorry for the confusion. I have made the link to the generator (in the main blog post) more obvious too, as a yellow button.



  3. Ben

    This… is just the greatest thing. I was recently talking to my Honours supervisor, and we jokingly commented on how someone should pull together all the wanky thesis titles into a name-generator. And here it is! One thing I noticed is there’s a over-representation of feminist, masculine, patriarchy, sexuality and gender. I assume the source material is mostly from Gender Studies?

    “Pseudo-Structural Postmodernist Spaces in Proto-Anarchic Modernism”
    Just amazing.

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