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Al Filreis (and Kenneth Goldsmith) on Originality

There is a pretty fascinating exchange between Al Filreis and Kenneth Goldsmith on ‘originality’ in a digital context. This exchange stems from an original article (linked in this post) concerning a paper on Wallace Stevens for sale, apparently bearing at least more than a passing resemblence to material written by Filreis himself.

Particularly interesting to me:

The kernel of how we must teach today is embedded in your quandary. By reifying the old lines of “this is mine” and “this is not,” we perpetuate myths of originality. Was your research sprung completely from your own genius? Most likely not. You sourced it from dozens of places. What is original — and genius — is the way you wove those sources together. But isn’t that what good research always has been? It’s just that the digital makes this process transparent and eminently elastic in ways that were hidden before.

The article can be found here.

Work-in-Progress: Digital Response to Mayer’s “Experiments”

I’ve been working on a digital┬áresponse┬áto Bernadette Mayer’s Experiments article. In this piece, I use erasure to remove portions of the tet to create new meanings and contexts, all the time using the same ‘material’ textual units (i.e. not dynamically rewriting the text, but removing text). As such, I’m trying to think about how textual economy and marking of texts can be explored on screen. That said, this was done on paper first…!

Check out my progress so far by clicking on the link (click on the REMOVE link at the bottom of the piece to activate the erasure):

UPDATE 29 April: The complete piece will be appearing in a forthcoming Drunken Boat issue, so for now, I need to take it down. I will post an alert when it’s finally published.