Monthly Archives: February 2010

Deena Larson’s Repository of E-Lit

Well guys, it’s certainly been a while. In really the most hectic period of my life, I am only now getting back into research and writing. It’s a slow and scary process.

My aims for the coming months are to separate Itchaway from my bread & butter work, keeping this site dedicated to my research into poetry (e- and not-e-) and to web interests such as tutorials, but not for a marketing space. I’ve been struggling with the multiple identities for a while, and I want to keep the selling separate from the experimenting. I want this site to expand as a research companion, a tool for others, and a showcase for works-in-progress. Like it was intended originally.

With that, I thought I’d post up a quick link to Deena Larson’s ‘virtual bookshelf’. Well, look, it contains one of my pieces of work from a few years back, what a coincidence. Actually, it is, really, a coincidence, as I was looking for work by Larson herself, but Larson’s breakdown is useful in that it separates out works based on the level of prolonged engagement / time required to, I guess, master or complete the work. This is clearly a non-judgemental comparmentalisation. It does not claim superiority for work catering to any attention span over another. However, it does offer a substantial selection of works including some farily recent, from across the web.

Deena Larson’s virtual bookshelf can be found here.