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As internet software, and our interaction with it, evolves, so to does the representation of the data being used.  An increasing amount of web-based services now incorporate data from multiple sources, integrating databased information to represent some sort of compiled narrative. Furthermore, this is not limited to the mining of data from static websites but includes the input of data direct from social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and from GPS-enabled devices such as the iPhone. Such visual mashups reflect trends and merge information in unexpected ways to produce interesting ways to perceive the information being mined. is a site dedicated to being interested in such data collection, and showcases various projects whose visual representations of data produce new, original and sometimes useful (such as the Google Maps traffic visualization) mappings of data which either live online or interact with online technologies.

From the site’s GOAL: intends to be a unified resource space for anyone interested in the visualization of complex networks. The project’s main goal is to leverage a critical understanding of different visualization methods, across a series of disciplines, as diverse as Biology, Social Networks or the World Wide Web. I truly hope this space can inspire, motivate and enlighten any person doing research on this field.

Not all projects shown here are genuine complex networks, in the sense that they aren’t necessarily at the edge of chaos, or show an irregular and systematic degree of connectivity. However, the projects that apparently skip this class were chosen for two important reasons. They either provide advancement in terms of visual depiction techniques/methods or show conceptual uniqueness and originality in the choice of a subject. Nevertheless, all projects have one trait in common: the whole is always more than the sum of its parts.

VC thus offers a compelling approach to dealing with vast quantities of information of which users generally only experience a fraction. With each showcased project, unique interactive methodologies produce all manner of visual links between data sets, mappings of linkages across content.


New Website, Geoffrey Olsen, is up

(Image above is taken from the Frost Art Museum exhibition setup, photo by Jacek Kolasinski)

I have just finished working on the site for artist Geoffrey Olsen.  I designed the site way back at the beginning of the year, and programmed it more recently, in time for a launch to coincide with that of the exhibition being held at The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum, Florida International University, on 2nd September 2009.

The site is designed to be regularly updatable with content regarding further exhibitions, news items and catalogues.  With a WordPress theme built from scratch and a smattering of jQuery for improved front-end presentation (play with the navigation bar!), the site creates a presence which foregrounds the visual, and can be updated whilst remaining well-structured and organised.

Click on either of the images below to visit the site, or click here.



Upcoming Openned Event, October 2009

Openned have scheduled another reading event which will, as usual, take place at the Foundry, London.

The rest of the event is not so usual, and will form a benefit event for the Lajee Centre, Bethlehem.  Details below are from Openned’s Facebook event for the evening, and describe the plans as they currently stand.  Anyone who is interested in this event should check Openned’s website and ought to subscribe to them on Twitter:


From the Openned’s Facebook event:

Openned is a poetry reading series.

The information about the next Openned is as follows:

I recently came back from a 2 week trip to the West Bank organised by Lajee Center. Lajee means refugee in Arabic.

The center is a non-profit registered Palestinian NGO working with refugee children and youth in Aida Refugee Camp, near Bethlehem, Palestine.

The Lajee Centre in Bethlehem is a Palestinian led centre for refugee children that focuses on project-based work, encouraging children to develop their personal skills and overcome the fear and disruption caused by the constant presence of the illegal Israeli occupation.

The people of the camp, 4,500 to 5000 strong, live along the apartheid wall, surrounded by Israeli Defence Forces in watchtowers and are in constant danger of administrative detention (meaning a Palestinian can be held for 6 months without charge) and shootings by the IDF.

The occupation effects everyone within the camp, but Lajee focuses more on the children of the camp (50 per cent of the Camps population) who will be the future builders of a Palestinian state; from photography projects, courses on human rights and politics, activism to drama therapy.

A group of volunteers has, over the last two weeks, been building a playground for the children of the centre.

The children have nowhere to play in the camp as the wall (illegal nder international law) divides them from all the green spaces, which have been annexed to Israel.

The person who owns the land won’t give us the land, or even reduce the price, meaning we need to raise a large amount of money to help buy it; 200,000 euros, to be precise.

With 34 international volunteers in 2009 working on the project, and with your help the figure isn’t as daunting as it sounds.

Openned’s part in this effort ( will be to hold a benefit reading for the center to try to raise money for the project.

The provisonal plan is to start a night at 7:15 p.m, and to split the night into three sections, with the middle section of the night being given over to describing the land project in detail and to talk about our experiences in the camp and in the Westbank.

We will project some of the childrens photographic work
and some of our own photographs. There will be many books on sale. We will also read some diary/blog enteries made out there and some poetry that was written while in the camp.

Before this and after we will have a big poetry reading 10 to 20 poets each reading for about 3 minuites each.

The event will be held inside a photographic exhibition of life in Palestine going on at the Foundry at the same time.

Poets to be announced, flyer to come, details of where one can make online donations is to come.

If anyone wants to donate some books to sell at the night there will be a proper book table at which we will sell them, all profits going to the center.