Monthly Archives: July 2009

One-Day Online Discussion with Joseph Tabbi

Electronic Literature Organization’s Joseph Tabbi has begun a one-day online discussion with an article, On Reading 300 Works of Electronic Literature: Preliminary Reflections.

Readers are invited to participate in the ensuing discussion through the comments form.  A writeup of the discussion will follow in a subsequent post on the site.

Openned Press

I’m late, I know, but please, please. I’m playing major catchup and barely know where to start (pointers, please??) with what’s been going down recently.

But this I do know: Openned have a couple of FREE publications up lately, both of which are more than worthy of more than a mention. But, I’m afraid, a mention is all they are getting for now.

Sean Bonney: the Commons II

Alex Davies: LONDON§TONE

Get em before they run out of electropaper and binarybinding glues.