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Supporting Salt Publishing

Lovers: I have finally acclimated to the heat of the Phoenix desert.  Forgive my recent absence from the blogosphere.  I still have much to catch up with, so there may be frequent bits of filler in the blog, of which I unrepentantly warn you in advance.

Not so much filler is the very real issue of Salt Publishing and their struggle to stay afloat.  Their recent initiative has, by all accounts, been a success. Did I contribute? Nope, but I’m about to as they continue to urge you, the poetry-loving public, to buy their books and produce a VICTORY for independent publishing.

From Salt’s blog:

It’s been impossible to think. Just over a week ago we were facing oblivion, the backlist would have sold on, but the business as a going concern was all over. I was job hunting. Stress had left me deaf. We were about to lose our home and it seemed everything had fallen off some precipice and was hurtling down into the frozen dark. We began cancelling the list and preparing for the worst. Nearly a decade of effort was being lost.

Then our viral campaign led to an extraordinary sequence of events. Facebook, Twitter and hundreds of blogs all covered the story of Salt’s Just One Book offer. The media picked up on the story and suddenly over a 1,000 orders poured in, supporters arrived in virtual droves and the goodwill and great ideas became emotionally overwhelming; we had support from Foyles and Waterstone’s in the UK, from independent bookstores around the globe, The Bookseller and The Guardian covered the story, the BBC wanted to cover us. The office changed from its usual focus on editorial, marketing and publicity to become a non-stop postal service, sending thousands of books off around the globe.


I need to keep it all going, I need your support for one more month. So here’s an offer for everyone and we hope more customers will come and join the campaign to buy just one book:

We’re now giving you a huge 33% off ALL books till the end of June. Use the coupon code G3SRT453 when in the checkout to benefit. Don’t forget if you spend £30 or $30 you get free shipping too.

Lovers, I wish I’d been part of the initial 1000 orders, but I was too consumed with emigrating and asserting my questionable heterosexuality through marriage preparations.  Now, I feel ready. But there are so many authors. I have heard of many, but also not experienced many.  So, which to buy? I am currently thinking Chris McCabe. Please, use the comment form below to recommend which Salt book I need to buy.