Next Openned Event, Wednesday 27 May 2009

Well, I’m back in Phoenix, and have only just got over the jet lag and the already above-100ยบ heat. Blog posting has been slow as a result and will continue to be so for the coming week, after which my insurmountable pile of “to do” will perhaps be less, umm, insurmountable.

In the meantime, scoff on this from the sticky on Openned’s website:

The next Openned night takes place at 7.15pm on Wednesday 27th May. Confirmed readers: Rebecca Cremin, Johanna Linsley, Ryan Ormonde, Michelle Naka Pierce, Chris Pusateri, Sophie Robinson, Catherine Wagner. Join the Facebook event. Openned nights are held at The Foundry in London, UK. Click here for a map. Admission is always free.

Yes, that’s right. It’s another Openned evening. Remember? Just like your mother used to make. You ought to go, it’ll make you feel warm, safe and perhaps even a bit sexy. I can’t go cos I’m too far away, unfortunately.

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