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Torque Press Relaunch

This from Piers Hugill, regarding the relaunch of Torque Press:

I am very happy to be able to announce the re-launch of Torque Press, a small press dedicated to publishing contemporary poetry, which is supported by the University of Southampton. It has been a long time coming, but together with the news about the press we are also very pleased to announce the launch of a new book by Caroline Bergvall, Cropper, beautifully designed and constructed by Marit Münzburg, which in two articulating sections considers the experience of multilingualism, and the way bodies and language(s) interact across their many borders.

We are also now making available for purchase (while stocks last) the backlist of Torque Press, which published ten titles between 1984 and 1997. These are (with the number in the sequence and date of publication given in parentheses):

Allen Fisher (1, 1984), Boogie Break, pp. 12.

Wendy Mulford (2, 1985), The A.B.C. of Writing, and other poems, pp. 32. (sold out)

Alan Halsey (3, 1987), The Capitalist Twilight Revisited, pp. 18 (sold out)

Michael Carlson (4, 1988), By the Sound, pp. 22.

Robert Sheppard (5, 1988), Internal Exile, pp. 15. (sold out)

Johan de Wit (6, 1989), Spread Eagle, pp. 20.

David Miller (7, 1989), Messages, pp. 12.

David Marriott (8, 1991), Clouds & Forges, pp. 20.

Ken Edwards (9, no date), Lyrical Ballets, pp. 17.

Allen Fisher (10, 1997), Fish Jet, pp. 52.

I have listed the whole backlist, although, as indicated, some of the titles are no longer available. You can get copies of Caroline Bergvall’s book (Cropper, ISBN: 978-1-906851-01-9, pp. 15) for £7, plus 50p P&P, and any of the titles still available from the previous series of Torque Press at the price of £5 for each title, with a further 50p for P&P, from: Jane Glenn, 65/2063, English, School of Humanities, Avenue Campus, University of Southampton, Southampton SO17 1BJ ( Please make cheques payable to the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHAMPTON.

Welcome to Itch Away, Blog 2.0

Well, it’s taken me long enough to do it, but the new site is finally live. I realised this was probably never going to happen if I tried to have all the content ready beforehand, so I’ve launched a slim version of the site, and will be adding new poetry work to beef it up over the coming weeks. Putting it live forces me to do something about it rather than seek refuge in the offline safehouse.

This blog will, in many respects, continue where the other one left off, but with a few differences. Firstly, I will be blogging about more stuff. Since much of my practice includes web technologies, I’m going to try to include posts which deal with that side of my interests as well as the more ‘traditional’ poetry side of things. Hopefully, as the months go by, this will become of some interest in terms of how I figure my sense of a digital poetics.

There will occasionally be tutorials posted up here. As I’m working on things, too, I’ll sharing some tips and techniques, if I think they might be of interest.

The blog will also reference web design and programming interests, and will highlight areas of this site which have been updated. This includes specific guides, resources and sources of inspiration for the redesign and functionality of this website, who will find their way into the forthcoming credits section. I will refer to each individually over the coming weeks.

Hopefully the blog will evolve in a nice, organic way where web-based / multimedia-based concerns are in dialogue with literary ones. The bottom line is that I will be trying to stop myself from refraining to post about certain areas of my practice in order to broaden the discussion a little bit. It might take a while to build up the momentum, but we’ll see how it goes.

It seemed most appropriate to begin the content of this site with the addition of two works, one old and one new. I have added The Savage Years and Ideas on Oedipal Bitstreams to the Poetry Projects section. I performed these two works at the Runnymede Literary Festival last week, and performed Ideas on Oedipal Bitstreams at the brilliant Openned evening last Wednesday, about which I shall probably blog in the coming days. Please visit these works, download them, play around / print.

So, it’s nice to be back. For info, there is a nicer URL for this blog at, and you can follow the blog’s feed by clicking on the subscribe link in the left-hand bar and choosing the blog feed.