The Blue Pencil Online

The Blue Pencil Online is the online journal for Writing and Publishing at Walnut Hill, Massachusetts. This project required the setup of a content management system which served as an archive for multiple forms of writing (PDFs of the print journal, as well as archived HTML-based creative work and sound files of performances of the work), as well as serving as a multi-blog system. The site needed to support complex category structures whilst being easy for students to learn how to add content, and ensuring that new content was automatically structured / archived / listed.

The site was designed so that work can be filtered by genre or by student, and so that users can subscribe to any genre or student feed. Also included was a front page category to allow for unique front page layouts to be created easily and for previous front page layouts to be archived automatically.

Included in the project brief was the production of video tutorials for the students to learn how to add content. These videos were created specifically for this project, so there was an obvious context for the students.

Design of the site was by the Head of Publications at Walnut Hill, Allan Reeder, and in dialogue with myself.

Breakdown of project requirements:

  • Installation of WordPress CMS (including database setup, etc.)
  • Theme design in conjunction with client
  • Production of graphics, e.g. creation of header logo
  • Theme customization – visual layout, design
  • Unique styling and functionality for multiple blogs, content categories.
  • Theme customization – heavy modifications to category listings, incorporation of custom fields for additional functionality. Including pop-up template, inclusion of custom content editor buttons for quick addition of complex code by students, updatable and archivable front pages, PDF archive with automatically updated sidebar.
  • Production of video tutorials unique to this project, e.g. teaching students how to use the system and appropriately categorize their posts.

Visit the site here

Or, view screenshots

  • tbpo-screenshot1
  • tbpo-screenshot2
  • tbpo-screenshot3
  • tbpo-screenshot4

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