Jewell Parker Rhodes

Site programming for novelist Jewell Parker Rhodes’ website. Site designed and programming outsourced to me by Diana Hickman.

This site needed to function as a brochure for Rhodes’ books, as well as a portal to other sites of interest and a way of users to contact her in a variety of capacities (general, arranging a book club, joining a mailing list).

The project involved:

  • Dreamweaver template production with a variety of layouts, in valid XHTML
  • Styling in valid CSS
  • Blog integration (currently hosted with Blogger due to previous database limitations)
  • Mailing list application built using PHP / MySQL:
  • Signup with automatic addition to mailing list database and confirmation emails upon subscription (to subscriber and admin)
  • Client-side form validation
  • Secure administration section for admin to browse subscriber information and extract email addresses

Click here to visit the site.

Or, view screenshots:

  • jpr-screenshot1
  • jpr-screenshot2
  • jpr-screenshot3
  • jpr-screenshot4
  • jpr-screenshot5
  • jpr-screenshot6

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