Monthly Archives: December 2008

Art Beyond Belief

Web design and programming for UK-based arts charity focusing on interfaith issues.  The site needed to showcase past and current projects, housing various media to document the projects themselves and events relating to them. Members of the charity needed to be able to add and update project information as well as entirely new projects easily and with minimal fuss. The site  was configured to allow for this, as well as incorporating a blog into the CMS design. For the home page, a front-page layout was made dynamically highlighting three chosen projects (interchangeable) and foregrounding the latest news blog.  The customisation of the WordPress theme included custom category listings depending on the type of category (project, news) to display pertinent summary information; addition of custom fields for easy-to-change summary features and front-page presence which is changeable quickly and easily.

Work undertaken for the project:

  • Visual design and layout of site
  • WordPress installation – including database creation and tie-in
  • Functional design of site
  • Theme customisation – template modifications (PHP / HTML) and visual (Photoshop / CSS), custom fields
  • Development of theme to provide CMS funtionality
  • Dynamic front page, incorporating “featured” projects (changeable by client) and “latest news” insertion automatically updated

View the site here.

Or, view screenchots

Jewell Parker Rhodes

Site programming for novelist Jewell Parker Rhodes’ website. Site designed and programming outsourced to me by Diana Hickman.

This site needed to function as a brochure for Rhodes’ books, as well as a portal to other sites of interest and a way of users to contact her in a variety of capacities (general, arranging a book club, joining a mailing list).

The project involved:

  • Dreamweaver template production with a variety of layouts, in valid XHTML
  • Styling in valid CSS
  • Blog integration (currently hosted with Blogger due to previous database limitations)
  • Mailing list application built using PHP / MySQL:
  • Signup with automatic addition to mailing list database and confirmation emails upon subscription (to subscriber and admin)
  • Client-side form validation
  • Secure administration section for admin to browse subscriber information and extract email addresses

Click here to visit the site.

Or, view screenshots:

  • jpr-screenshot1
  • jpr-screenshot2
  • jpr-screenshot3
  • jpr-screenshot4
  • jpr-screenshot5
  • jpr-screenshot6