This was a fresh site built entirely in Flash, to incorporate already-existing animated movies (these lengthy movies are the only parts I did not program). Flash files related to external content files to ease the update of content with no need to modify Flash files. I also assisted the client in the copy editing process.  Complete list of required skills used for this project:

  • Programming of Flash site interface from scratch, to fit in with existing brand aesthetic
  • Integration of scrolling text including content from external files
  • Production of various Flash animations interspersed throughout the site as additional contextual content (e.g. Track record map – see video)
  • Scroll-sensitive content – content only appears when a certain part of the content is being read
  • Installation and styling of blog system (WordPress) to fit in with the site as a whole
  • Copy editing of existing copy, in conjunction with the client
  • Production of graphics
  • Production of instructions PDF for guidance on contributing to and backing up the blog

Visit the site here

Or, view video (if you are using an iPhone / iPod, or do not have Flash installed, click here):

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